We design modern industrial, warehousing, logistics, and office facilities. As a design office we offer:

  • Building site analysis
  • Conceptual design
  • Development of completed permit design, including specialist designs (infrastructure, architecture, structure, mechanical installations, electrical wiring)
  • Taking all steps necessary to obtain a building permit
  • Support during talks with utility suppliers
  • Tender documentation development
  • Development of execution drawings, general and specialist
  • Support during the tender organization for a general contractor
  • Support during negotiations with general contractor and support for a draft contract
  • Design supervision & site supervision

M O D E R N  S O L U T I O N S  (B I M)

Using modern solutions, we offer our investors the opportunity to implement the project in a BIM environment, this way of designing allows for:

  • Creating a 3D model of the object
  • Virtual tour of the investment
  • Mapping of time and investment costs
  • Digital description of the physical and functional characteristics of the object
  • Model design parameters
  • A usage of the model after the completion of the investment in the case of renovations, reconstructions, or all kinds of defects
  • Risk minimization and costs reduction
  • More effective collision detection
  • More efficient coordination and communication in the next stages of the investment
  • Better understanding and visualization of the planned investment

A N A L Y S I S  A N D  C O N S U L T I N G

We also offer:

  • Masterplans
  • Investment advisory
  • Site plan advisory in terms of costs examination, development conditions, soil conditions, and investment location
  • Reconnaissance of sites’ legal status in terms of construction regulations and technical conditions
  • Assessing the requirements in terms of sites’ target conditions, site plan use and area indication use
  • Cooperation with commune office (local authorities)
  • Site mobility concept
  • Site sustainability concept
  • Support during talks with utility suppliers

At all stages of project implementation we are able to work and produce all necessary documentation in three languages (Polish, German, English) to keep our clients informed about the progress of works